Lordy Lordy .. I Just Turned 40

Stepping into a year that derails many, I wanted to go about it in a different way.

Enjoy life and pour out more than I take in!

My birthday wish is to have you join me in DONATING to my Wish A Mile Ride.

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You can see my training progress and updates by clicking HERE

What Lead Me To This??

Last year, we spent 7 days the northern most part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, at Wilderness State Park. This brought joy beyond belief for a number of reasons..

  1. I love the outdoors
  2. Family fell in love with camping
  3. Many miles of cycling
  4. Time with friends
  5. LOTS of memories made

I love those times and through the inspiration of a few folks, have decided to not just sit by while getting older. You have probably heard me talking about spending a tremendous amount of time on my bike lately. Why is this?

Well there are really for a couple reasons why I have been sharing:

  1. It is nearly impossible to train for something these days with out sharing it with everyone (unless your this person: WATCH HERE)
  2. To raise money for Make A Wish

This is a charity that met us very close and person. We have two sets of friends who have been deeply impacted by Make A Wish (MAW). During their time of challenge and kids fighting for their lives, MAW gave them an island of refuge.

This is Ethan.. He is an incredible young man who has overcome a lot and and his smile is infectious. We have known his family for many years and have seen him in some great places and some real struggles. When a Orange Theory Fitness agreed to donate to our teams efforts with MAW, Ethan and his mom were asked to be a part of receiving the check for the team. Both of them were extremely honored to be a part of the program and they couldn’t help but share about their experience with MAW. It was a great gift from a really great group of people!



Join me by donating to Make A Wish’s event this year called Wish A Mile, where we will be riding from Traverse City, Michigan to Michigan International Speedway (300 Miles in 3 days!!)

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Thank you!!!


Greatest Career Advice

Around five years ago, I went through a career transition. This actually began years before but really came to a head as a hobby was turning into a career.

As I sat with Gini Dietrich, we talked about me stepping into the realms of social media for business. I was slightly freaked out. Mainly from not having any formal training in this space, yet had a passion for applying this into my everyday professional life. And a general knack for figuring out problems and applying strategies.

Gini’s words ring true today and I have also shared them with others.. “Fake it til you make it”

I guess we all have a little George Costanza in us!


Thank you for pushing me past my fears Gini!

More to come on this topic!!

And a big thanks to my buddy John Henry for sharing the video that triggered this post! Love me some Seinfeld!!



Is your security building your team or is your insecurity destroying your team?

The common piece in that statement is YOU..

I have been thinking a lot recently about insecurity in the workplace. It truly is a killer.

A killer of .. productivity

A killer of .. innovation

A killer of .. growth

John Maxwell states it very well in his book The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, “I believe that insecurity, rather than poor judgement or lack of intelligence, most often causes leaders to surround themselves with weak people. As I stated in “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, only secure leaders give power to others. That is the Law of Empowerment. On the other hand, Insecure leaders usually fail to build teams because of one of two reasons: Either they want to maintain control over everything for which they are responsible or they fear being replaced by someone more capable” (pg 6)


YOU determine the success or failure of your team!



You can pick up the book by clicking the image. I don’t get anything from that.. just setting up the link to be helpful!

Photo Credit: http://harleysandheels.com


Moments are what we remember.

Moments are what shape our lives.

Moments are amazing.

Moments are horrible.

No matter what the moment is, it shapes our lives.

How do you make the most of moments?


Facebook Reactions – a few resources

Facebook launched a new layer of engagement in their posts called Reactions. This rolled out globally alongside a campaign with Chevrolet (client). This has already started to put agency and brand folks in a mental spin as they instantly start looking at the impact. The impact comes not only in how they get fan feedback, but also how it plays into reporting!

Here is a little video from CNN about this launch:

Here are a few resources to review around this NEW hot topic:

Reactions Now Available Globally – Facebook blog


Coffee: Fuel for the Day

The morning is received differently by different types of people..

  • Person A (aka morning person).. Pops out of bed and is peppy and ready to go for the day
  • Person B (night owl – no kids) .. pulls themselves out of bed (anytime after the sun is already up and shining)
  • Person C (nightowl – w/ kids) .. Climbs out of bed begrudgingly and doesn’t want to talk for at least 2 hours or until coffee kicks in
  • Person D ( me ) .. gets up after a solid 5-6 hours sleep and is ready to roll but doesn’t want stimulating conversation until coffee is consumed and mind is in the right place.

After reviewing all of that.. 

This morning, as I am drinking my first few sips of coffee, my daughter proceeds to tell me that her teacher told them that an apple in the morning is as good as a cup of coffee.

I have lost faith in our educational system!!


If you know me well enough, you understand that I am kidding.. but her timing was off. We have to work on that! The sentence is better received after 3pm. So with that.. it is time to enjoy my second cup of the day and get to work!



Have you ever heard someone talk about a given subject and you truly wondered if they have climbed into your head to produce their discussion? Today, I noticed that a TED talk did just that.

This TEDx Talk from Emilie Wapnick hits on the struggle that many of us have, we don’t know what one thing we want to be when we grow up.

The thing I have learned greatly over the last year is that I do a job, but I experience other things in my life. These “things” are what I love, and to be really honest, are therapy for me.

So.. what do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be the best in my field but also someone who enjoys creating (cooking, photography, woodworking, etc) and experiencing.

Regardless of what it is that I will do, being a student is CRUCIAL.

To date I have been (since graduation):

  • A retail manager
  • Youth director (at a church)
  • Medical licensing & communications
  • Technical director
  • Creative producer
  • Account person
  • Digital strategist
  • Entrepreneur

It will be interesting what the next 10 years brings about!

Making Time to Maintain

All too often, in the realm of work/business, we do less on our own work because our focus is doing well for our clients, bosses, etc..

Time for a bad gif!



That to be said.. I need to make updates to my site and over the next few weeks you will see some changes happening. Cleaning up the work that I wouldn’t let go through for clients! Stay tuned!

wait for it..